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So you're interested in Roleplaying games, huh? A little D&D maybe? Some Shadowrun? Maybe some Pathfinder or Savage Worlds? Maybe you're not familiar with tabletop RPGs but you're kind of curious. Maybe you're just looking for a safe place to play because you aren't interested in "dark" or "gritty" or "mature" themes. Maybe you just want to throw a fireball at some goblins.

Welcome to the club.

We aren't a group exclusively for Christians, but some of us found that our faith made it difficult to connect to "less-than-family-friendly" gaming groups. So as a result, we decided to start our own group. Anyone is welcome to join our meetup and make some friends at our monthly public mixers.

This is a place for Christians who enjoy D&D or other roleplaying games but haven't met like-minded friends in their other religious communities. We do our best to honor God in our lives and in our gaming as well as provide a safe place for gamers of any background to enjoy.

Upcoming events (5)

The Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan

Online event

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic this event will be held online via Roll20. The link to the game will be provided to those who sign up. Last time our heroes continued their race against time to escape the shrine beneath the ancient city of Tamoachan. This time not monsters, but insidious traps barred their way: a cage rapidly filling with sand, a spore filled fungus disguised as a dangerous monster, and worst of all, a double trap behind a sealed door. First hidden crossbows fired on those who opened the door, then the first to enter the room was separated from the rest of the group as a wall of flames sprang up in the doorway. What other perils lie in this room and between our heroes and escape? Join us to find out, next time on the Hidden Shrine of Tamoachan. An adventure for up to six players of character level 5.

Gaming Mixer (Main Event for players looking for a table group)

Cherrydale Baptist Church

1. Please pre-register. You will choose this event if you don't have a regular table leader or you want to try a new group. Don't register here if you have already confirmed personally with a specific table leader. Instead, pre-register on their specific event. (All events on the same day happen simultaneously.) 2. Come and play. (Observers are welcome too!) If you can't pre-register, come anyway...we will accommodate everyone until the tables are full. 3. While there is a suggested donation of $5 or $10 for pizza, don't let a lack of funds keep you from attending. Most folks bring a drink and/or snack to share.

Pathfinder 2 LSJ

Cherrydale Baptist Church

Our continuing group of Legends of the Shining Jewel players, using the Pathfinder 2 rules.

Heroes of Dolgetta (Ken's Table)

Cherrydale Baptist Church

Greetings! Our 5e D&D campaign is in it's third year, 10th level. Table max 6. If our table is full, you can get on the waitlist, or reserve a spot with any other wonderful table group. You can pre-register on the "Main Event" page if you don't have a table group .

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Pathfinder 2 LSJ

Cherrydale Baptist Church

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