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Roleplaying Mixer!
Every other month we get together to play roleplaying games! We have several GM's who regularly run games, but if you have a system or story you want to run, let us know and we'll get you a table. We'll order some pizza and you can bring either a bag of chips or some drinks to share.

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So you like roleplaying games, huh? A little D&D maybe? Some Shadowrun? Maybe some GURPS or Savage Worlds? Maybe you're not familiar with tabletop RPGs but you're kind of curious. Maybe you're just looking for a safe place to play because you aren't interested in "dark" or "gritty" or "mature" themes. Maybe you just want to throw a fireball at some goblins.

Welcome to the club.

We aren't a group just for Christians, but some of us found that our faith made it sort of difficult to find a group we were comfortable playing with. So as a result, we decided to start our own group. Anyone is welcome to join the meetup, make some friends, and see what they're interested in. We try to have regular public mixers to introduce new people to roleplaying games (RPGs) and to make friends with other gamers.

This is a place for Christians who enjoy D&D or other roleplaying games but might be afraid of bringing it up in their other religious communities. We do our best to honor God in our lives and in our gaming as well as provide a safe place for gamers of any background to enjoy.

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