What we're about

We're Christian homeschooling families who love to learn together. There are plenty of play groups out there for little ones. And that's much-needed for their development. However, our group is aimed more at learning, while providing opportunities for students to strengthen friendships and discover God's truth.

What's the group all about?

Our goal is to provide an opportunity to learn together in low-stress/high-fun activities, regardless of age, grade, or learning style. We use a group learning environment to reinforce Biblical values that we're teaching at home. We provide an environment for building a group of well-behaved friends to learn with on a regular basis.

When and where do you meet?

We meet year-round for history, science, social studies, book reports, math, service projects, discussion, crafting, and games, all with an emphasis on honoring God. Sometimes we rent a meeting room; other times we visit museums, libraries, parks, gardens, performance halls, galleries, exhibits, and even retail locations. Most of our members are in Lewisville/Flower Mound and surrounding areas, but we have field trips to locations all over Dallas and Fort Worth for those who want to travel.

What's the cost?

Dues are $10.00 annually per family to help with cost of the meet up and to host large group events. Entry fees charged by museums, galleries, etc. are covered by each family. No advanced preparation or reading is necessary to attend each session.

What is the age of your students?

Activities are mostly geared toward 1st-6th grade, and older children are encouraged to participate. Children of any age are welcome, and babies/toddlers who are siblings of our students are welcome. One parent is required to stay with each student or sibling group during learning time.

How many people generally attend each event?

During the school year, we usually have 15 to 35 people show up for most events. Some have just a few, and others have over 100. It depends on the location, cost and timing. In summertime, we meet less frequently, and we see smaller groups at our meetups. Just come as frequently as you like and you'll start seeing the same core group of friends for mom and kids.

Is this group open only to Christians?

Our worldview is Bible-based, so God, Scriptural truth, and prayer will be interwoven into all subjects. In science, we teach a young earth and a literal six-day creation. In American history, we acknowledge the founding fathers' reliance on Judeo-Christian values in the shaping of our country. We welcome anyone who wishes to join us for learning and building relationships that honor and acknowledge God.

What this group is not:

• A complete homeschool curriculum

• A co-op

• A drop-off program

• A play group (we do play together, but the emphasis is on learning)

• A group that avoids religious topics for fear of offending someone

• A marketing, advertising or business networking group

What are the rules of your group?

1. Come if you RSVP -- Life happens, and we're a group of parents, so we've all been there. However, some of our events have limited attendance, and when we turn others away, we want to encourage those who RSVP to come. We sometimes have a waiting list, so if you cannot come, please change your RSVP to "not going" as soon as you know you can't come.

2. No selling -- Do not join our group if you are not homeschooling. If you have a service that you would like to make available to our group, please contact the organizers to ask about making a presentation.

3. Children are expected to be well-behaved -- Please remind your children to treat our venues with respect, especially the libraries. We want to conduct ourselves in a way that honors God and assures that we will be welcomed back.

4. Teach something -- Okay, it's not exactly a rule, but we'd love for our parents to organize sessions and outings to teach our children from an academic area that you're passionate about. Some of our most popular meetings have been ones that our parents have taught.

Join us!

Are you a Christian homeschooling parent who would like to have a close-knit group of Godly friends to learn with? Are you looking for a little structure without a big time/cost commitment? Is there a topic that you're passionate about that you'd love to share with your children and their friends? Come learn with us!

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