What we're about

This is a meet up for faith minded sport bike enthusiasts. The goal is to bring our passion for spirituality and sport motorcycles together. First of all, everyone is welcome irregardless of faith perspective (or no faith at all). We are not here to proselytize but to share our life and passion for motorcycles together. All people and motorcycles are welcome, but the focus will be on sport and sport touring bikes. The ride will be spirited, but within the boundaries of decency. If you're a noobie, then we will have regular meeting spots so you can catch up and ride at your own pace.

The point is this, motorcycling is spiritual! It moves all of us. It places us in the elements - and God is in the elements. But, given the culture of the Bay Area it often can be insanely difficult to connect with others, especially in the motorcycling community. So - lets connect, connect around our passion for motorcycles and find a place of fellowship and community. Additionally, we will look to participate in other meet-ups and groups - so we can be a part of the larger MC community in the Bay.

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