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June 2-12, 2014 Optional Jordan Extension: June 12-16, 2014 Two years ago we took 120 people to the Holy Land for a tour of a lifetime! Everything was perfect! We started on the Sea of Galilee the first morning and experienced an incredibly worshipful time which began a busy, educational, inspirational week that included more than there’s time or room to share here. The week was so good, that we were afraid to go back. We said to each other here at the office, “How can we ever duplicate this experience? It will be a let down and we’ll never be able to have the time of our life there twice!” Then we had our Alaskan Cruise this year, and the theme was, “How Big Is Your God?” And that theme combined with wondering what our trip would be in 2014 woke us up like a splash of cold water on our face. Why would we think that God isn’t big enough to duplicate the experience we had two years ago? Is He incapable of doing that? I don’t think so. He is God! So, we decided we would take another trip to Israel. The dates will be June 2 to June 12, 2014. We’ll see much the same as we saw last time, with a tweak or two to add some things we didn’t see last time—like Jericho (where the walls came tumbling down!), the Tunnels under the Western Wall, and En Geidi (where David hid from Saul). Plus, if you’re able to extend your week, from June 13 to June 15 we’ll go to Jordan and see Petra, Mt. Nebo (where Moses overlooked the Promised Land), and Amman. If you don’t know what Petra is, Google it. I’ve never been there, but my friends who have been there tell me it’s one of the most spectacular places they’ve ever been and they’ve encouraged me to go. On this trip you’ll see places that will open your eyes to Scripture in a way that’s hard to describe—one friend said before he went to the Holy Land, he read Scripture and it was black and white in his head. Now, after visiting, when he reads Scripture, it’s in Technicolor! So, please call us and check out our itinerary and the prices and the experience you’ll have. It’s like the old MasterCard commercial where after experiencing things with dollar values attached, the final experience is labeled, “Priceless!” This will be a priceless experience! A few of the things I remember from our itinerary that I’m looking forward to are: Walking on the temple steps, visiting the Wailing (Western) Wall, the Garden of Gethsemane, Masada, The Dead Sea, Mount of Olives, baptizing people in the Jordan River, The Pool at Bethesda, the old city of Jerusalem, Caesarea Philippi, the Golan Heights, Bethlehem, the Garden Tomb, Hezekiah’s Tunnel, Caiaphas’ House, and more! I hope we see in you in Israel. Call Gil Travel at[masked] x 260 for Donna Palmieri or x240 for Melanie Verchere to get the details, ask your questions, and decide to go! You will not regret experiencing Israel. Before going, it was a cliché to me, but now I know it’s the truth—it will change you! Steve Arterburn, Founder

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