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A class on 'Understanding Mormanism'

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This is a co-ed meetup class with 'The Greater Phoenix Area Christian Connecting Point' that Ksenia suggested would be a very good class for those who want to learn about the Morman religion and how we as Christians can minister to them.

Mormonism, Latter Day Saints. Who are they? Are they Christain as they claim? Do they believe in the same Jesus as Christians do? They have such a clean, appealling, family oriented position but, what about the rest of their beliefs? Things like secret temple worshipping, undergarments, 3 levels of heaven, poligamy and more.
To answer these questions and to have a better understanding of the LDS faith, we will be scheduling the viewing of a DVD by former temple Morman Brad Melton.

I am not the organizer of this meetup, but you can register for the class here if you want to attend.

If I can help with any questions please let me know.

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