What we're about

Christian Happy Hour is a monthly meetup where Christians can get together for happy hour. The meetup is not meant to be a forum for discussing religion; it's simply an opportunity to meet other Christians over drinks. Think of it more as a social event than a religious event.

The idea of the group is to create an event in which

• Christians can build friendships outside the awkwardness that can sometimes be present in a church setting.

• The myths that Christian's are squares who don't drink or have fun are dispelled.

• You can bring non-believers and they won't feel super awkward (and will hopefully meet people that make them want to learn more about Jesus).

Past events (37)

Christian Happy Hour (November 2019)

The Lazy Moose

Christian Happy Hour (October 2019)

Trinity River Distillery

Christian Happy Hour (September 2019)

Twilite Lounge

Christian Happy Hour (August 2019)

Wild Acre Brewing Company

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