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This group is for a very specific kind of person. Please read *all the way* through the description and make sure it is truly a match for you, before attempting to join.

You have some health issue or physical challenge, but you will not be limited by the limitations of your circumstances. Instead of saying "I can't," you ask, "How can I?" You will do whatever it takes to heal and transform, turning over every rock and exploring every possibility, both apparent and hidden. You look at "impossible" and see "I'm Possible."

Side by side with this gusto for Life and Wellness, you recognize and honor your current limits and needs today - going up to your edge but not pushing past, so that you are safely and mindfully expanding your realm of ability. You similarly recognize the distinction between "boundary" and "barrier," understanding that setting a conscious boundary is an act of self-awareness and self-love, whereas a barrier is something getting in the way of your whole-Being transformation, and therefore, is something you're likely to climb over/around/under, or for the more adventurous, blow the heck up. And while you are all about doing everything in your power to design and create your own reality, you also realize there are a heap of things outside your purview and control, and you therefore recognize the Law of Attraction school of thought to be ignorant, arrogant, and otherwise incredibly annoying.

You therefore find yourself caught between the worlds of "disabled" and "able-bodied," between the worlds of "chronic illness" and "excellent health," between the worlds of "wallower" and "go-getter." Self-isolating in the forest seems like a fine idea, except for the fact that you miss people and would rilly rilly like to find other like-minded individuals who 1) are safe and encouraging to hang around, 2) embrace life with gusto, 3) are on the forefront of radical healing, 4) have a ton of life experience to share about what they have tried, what has worked, and what hasn't worked, and 5) are very sensitive to and mindful about your seemingly eccentric needs, which are based on whatever mashup of health issues you're dealing with, even if you look totally "normal" on the outside.

Together we co-create safe space to engage in sports like volleyball, basketball, cycling, and kayaking, taking into consideration people's current abilities and needs; we get together for nutrient-dense meals and socializing; we share practical strategies for healthy living with/despite/leveraging chronic health issues - addressing the realities of time, money, energy, and other nitty-gritty details; and we provide each other with love and support for enthusiastically taking Life by the lapel and saying, "I am with you kid, let's go!" (props to Maya Angelou for the quote)

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