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Welcome to Chubby Chicks Fitness! We’re some sassy chicks from all walks of life who decided we were DONE.

• DONE with feeling like we didn’t fit in at the gym

• DONE with that mean girl social club vibe

• DONE feeling self-conscious in our workout clothes

• DONE staring at cable news while sweating on the elliptical

• DONE trying to go it alone

So, we joined up to get healthy and lose the weight on OUR terms. We get together for weekly walks, Zumba classes, water aerobics, hikes, kayaking...and just about ANYTHING we decide we want to do! We just do it TOGETHER so it's FUN and more SUPPORTIVE than walking into a gym alone.

We occasionally organize PRIVATE group classes, 30 & 90-Day challenges, and we also know how to cut loose at social events like karaoke, trivia, potlucks, and more!

As you can see, we're not just about losing weight, diets, and working through body image issues - We’re about helping YOU feel FABULOUS! Are you ready to hop on and take this spin with us?...

We'll be sharing a few of our events on Meetup - But to see our FULL CALENDAR of events, please visit our website and join the CCFit Tribe as a GOAL DIGGER - It's only $35/year and it all goes toward growing our group and making it better for everyone!


If you cannot afford the annual fee, please consider making a small donation on Meetup to help keep us growing. 😍❤️😍


Hey there girlfriend, I'm Coree! I started our group in 2009 when I weighed over 325 pounds and really needed the support of other ladies that understood the struggle. We just started walking at the park with a few ladies every week.

We quickly grew and as we got more active, I was able to get serious about my health and fitness goals, and managed to lose 150 pounds in 2 years! I've kept the weight off (thanks to the AMAZING chicks in this group!) There have also been many other success stories we've been fortunate to be a part of over the years!

Most are not here to lose 150 pounds, but EVERYONE is here to improve their health, get more active, and yes - lose weight. You can say body-positive and weight loss in the same statement. We're about accepting each stage of our journey, loving ourselves more, and expressing that love by feeding our bodies healthy foods and exercising regularly to stay strong. The weight loss just happens as we improve our lifestyle choices!

Can't wait to see all of you!!

- Coree <3

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