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Biblical Discussion & Debate - What Do You Believe?
• What we'll do Topic: Do those who do wrong suffer? Why does it seem that wrongdoers prosper? Whey do we follow violent leaders and listen to their words? Do we follow violence because unconsciously, we don't believe that God sees it since so many crimes that are committed seem to go unpunished or unnoticed? How do we deal with our feelings of envy and pride? • What to bring Just bring yourselves :) • Important to know This Panera is metro accessible; it is 5 minutes walking from the Rockville Metro station. Even if you can't meet up with us, you can still follow our church discussions, lessons, and debates on Facebook: Our Church Youtube Channel: Church Run Charity for Abuse, Domestic Violence Survivors That Our Church Runs:

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What we're about

Hello everyone! We wanted to create a meetup to bring people together in God and Jesus' name. Today, we live in a modern society, in the digital age, so churches today must grow and accommodate the changes in society today. One way we do that is by using the internet and having both a physical and an online presence. A meetup is perfect because it is more intimate and personal than when you go to a traditional church sermon and it can create faster, deeper bonds among its members. So, please join us for church on Saturdays in the middle of every month. The point is not to take you away from your own church or the church you love or are dedicated to going to every Sunday, but to give you an additional place where you can commune with God and His son.

The word "church" in the Bible comes from the Greek word ecclesia, which means a group or assembly of people. Church can take on any form, but there is no church without people present or without Jesus Christ, since He is the head of the church. Since church is the body of Jesus Christ, it is an assembly/gathering of believers in God and Jesus' name. That is all church is; it is an assembly, meeting of His followers, wherever they choose to meet.

Our church is New Age, so we offer a different interpretation of the Bible than most traditional churches. We believe strongly in religious tolerance, human rights, equality, and spreading kindness and love through God's teachings, so anyone is welcome here, regardless of whatever religion they originally grew up with. We focus on prayer; giving you a space to heal and share your daily troubles with other Christians in a safe accepting space, and Bible study. 1 Corinthians 12:13
"For by one spirit we were all baptized into one body, whether Jews or Greeks, whether slaves or free, and we were all made to drink of one Spirit."

Feel free to also join us for in depth Biblical discussions, debates, and lessons on our Facebook page as well. We post to this page faithfully by the end of every single week:

Feel free to check out our Youtube channel as well, where we post educational Christian videos, as well as our prayer services, sermons, and children's Bible stories:

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