What we're about

Are you interested in deconstructing Christian White Supremacy and the oppressive ends of your experience with Christian Faith, but keeping the inspiration and traditions that have inspired you to be a better person while learning new ones? Do you want to learn new points about Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Vedic and Buddhist history that are historically accurate?

This group is for you. We discuss the heady philosophy behind metaphysics and theology that drove ideas that dominated eras -- and their deconstruction into modernisms, post-modernisms and new ideas that clarify reality.

You can visit us or join us, (with no pressure, you must request membership and can terminate at any time with verbal expression or letter) and still be a member of any Mosque, Church, Temple or Synagogue with no conflict, as far as we are concerned. We operate on basic French Lodge principles when it comes to theology, theosophy and philosophy, but are a fledgling group that is not officially affiliated.

We welcome all who wish to expand in opportunity for personal ministry, engagement in local politics and world affairs, personal growth and artistic endeavor.

Some of our express projects include:
-- starting an Equal Exchange purchasing co-op
-- working on food justice with more direct from farm buying
-- funding an orphanage in Sierra Leone
-- a clothing ministry providing patients in hospitals, and people at police stations handing clothes over for lab kits after assault --

There are many opportunities for involvement.

Join us for bagels and discussion on a Saturday Morning at 11 a.m.

Join us on Wednesdays for board games/card games and snacks.

Join us for our monthly fair-trade dinner in the style of seder where we "deconstruct" the ideas of high-church communion and focus on the positive elements of food laws out of multiple world systems and labor protocols that helped to bring us the "Fair Trade" movement as we enjoy a meal.

Upcoming events

No upcoming events