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Let's meetup-greet each other-discuss the Word-AND how it relates to our lives
We are looking to meet and discuss the Scriptures with one another. We will meet Every Monday at 6-9pm at either the Fischers house or Eliassons for address or if you need a ride. We are always there to meet and share our lives with whoever may come. We want always to be caring for one another, helping one another, praying for one another etc. anytime and always. Contact us with a different time or place you want to meet, and we will be there. Church is not about a time or a location, but about believers meeting together to exhort and admonish and encourage one another.

Alternating Mondays at either the Fischers or Eliassons

Alternating Mondays at either the Fischers or Eliassons · Tampa, FL

What we're about

We are assembling a group of Bible believers who will work together for the Kingdom of God as a community of believers, caring for and helping and praying for one another, following the Scripture as our guide, to work together as a team in our real lives...NOT sit in pews, say AMEN, "see you next week." and call it church. Share our lives together and see God help us. We have a place to meet, or we can meet at our house, or at Starbucks or Panera bread. The time is short...the coming of the Lord is at hand...we must redeem the time, and we must do it together. We can't do it alone, but need one another!

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