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2nd Amendment, Education, & COS (Article V) Conference, "GOD, ARMS & COVENANT"

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Holy Ground Pavilion

551 Main Street · Vantage, wa

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South side of Bellevue Collection parking, in the corner of Bellevue Way and NE 4th street...

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Join the 2nd Amendment, Education, & COS (Article "V") conference: "God, Arms, & Covenant, Conference" - at the scenic Grand Canyon of WA state in Vantage.

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This 80th anniversary edition of the "GOD, ARMS, & COVENANT" is dedicated to COS, the SECOND AMENDMENT, and to educate the Public in order to stop WA Ballot Measure I-1639 that limits Gun Ownership Rights.

Winston Churchill in 1938 started to fight the Socialists, the Defeatists, the Appeasers, the Fascists, and the NAZIs, in order to protect his country, and the fight is carried on today by his Grandson Dr Churchill, the AMERICAN CHURCHILL, who fights for our Republic, and is mercilessly attacked by the deluded leftist fascists for his labors. His wounds are there for all to see, but he is steadfast and a valiant warrior of Faith, and the "Good Lord giveth far more than whatever others taketh..."

Our Constitution, our Arms, and the Bible, define our way of Life as Americans, & give us our sacred Liberty, that in the State of Washingtons' current attempt to limit our Constitutional Rights, and to take away our Freedom of Speech, our Second Amendment Right to "Bear Arms" and our Constitutional Rights, has become the very reason for our rekindling the 1776 revolution: "Don't Tread On Me"

So we gather in VANTAGE, WA to celebrate, safeguard and reclaim, our RIGHTS and our LIBERTY. We will stem that tide, and alter the course of events, in order to save our Country.

Winston Churchill was loyal to the “God, Arms and the Covenant” principles building a popular front, against the appeasement of the European Fascists and Nazis, because Chamberlain of the "Munich Accord" infamy, was a fearful person, an appeaser, and a misguided pacifist -- dithering away crucial time, in his flimsy efforts to avoid war at any cost, even by kow-towing to the Hitler, Mussolini, and Hirohito, criminal syndicate.

It was indeed Chamberlain's MUNICH PEACE AGREEMENT with Hitler, that brought additional dishonor, disgrace, and indeed hastened the Second World War, as it was the low point in the long history of England as a leading nation of the World at the time and that in the long term destroyed the British Empire fully, after it had to prosecute the Second World War to it's ultimate Pyrhian victory.

Winston Churchill couldn't let 1938 come and go without military preparations, and that is why he started the “God, Arms, and Covenant” conferences, as a movement of citizens, patriots, and veterans along with steadfast politicians from all parties and ideologies... in order to discuss openly all national security and safety issues, and thus galvanize the public opinion to start preparing for the looming war and destruction -- that the Appeasers had left the country totally unprepared for.

Through the “God, Arms and Covenant” conferences, Winston Churchill organized public support for the warriors of Peace, Liberty & Democracy, who strove to keep the Republic as we ought to do today, because we are going through a similar period of Appeasement in regards to China, and her voracious appetite for new territories, spheres of influence, and for stealing from the US advanced weapons technology, for their massive armament productions.

China of course finances AntiFa, and many other leftists Socialists because Premier Xi-Zi-Ping of China who has made himself lifelong Dictator like Hitler, and has launched the biggest military production program in the History of the World -- wants to keep America divided and occupied in internal strife, as he conquers the whole World.

So, why is America asleep at the Switch, in light of all the Chinese Space and Oceanic Militarization and Worldwide Aggression ?

The Freedom Ride to the Grand Canyon of WA state, will assemble and depart from Bellevue Square's southern parking lot, by NE 4th St, & Bellevue Way at 5pm Friday afternoon.

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