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ClearBank's QA Transformation Journey by Dono Greeff, QA-Head @ ClearBank

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As with all great startups these days, ClearBank started perfectly agile. It was easy to deliver, pivot and adapt, making delivery of such a unique proposition a success. However, with this success came the injection of cash and fast (REALLY fast) scaling up. in one week alone, we saw 28 developers start on a Monday. This became hard to manage our work and change.

This is where I saw the opportunity and was brought into ClearBank to bring the QA (and Development) function back to a working agile machine. What I walked into was the usual Agile gone Wagile scenario, so the first change was to get QA involved right at the start. Kick off meetings, workshops etc. From there, enhance the QA process to build tests first to validate everyone’s understanding of the task.

Another huge task was to bring in a working automated testing process. We analysed what we had and we are now on a strong journey delivering increased coverage of our tests on many different layers.

We are still very much on our journey, but then again journeys like this rarely end. It is more than likely that we will adapt our path at the next junction.

So, come along and enjoy a brief glimpse into my way of thinking around QA and where it is going.