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Meetup with other local Chihuahua owners! All Chihuahuas and Chi mixes are welcome and their families too of course!

(If your Chi has a tiny brother or sister dog at home that really wants to come too, but is not a Chihuahua, email Susannah at susmay1@yahoo.com.)

We will meet at least once a month to allow our Chi's to socialize and play in an off-leash environment. Playtime will last between 1-2 hours at Best Friends Pet Care. The cost is $2 per dog and is collected during each meetup. Best Friends is the perfect location for our Chihuahuas to play. There is an indoor playroom, which will allow our Chihuahuas to play together during any weather, so planning in advance is not a problem. There is also a fenced in outdoor yard for our Chis when the weather is just right. Both play areas are very dog friendly with plenty of doggie toys, even tiny ones for our Chi's, plenty of seating for Chi Owners and the outdoor area even has doggie equipment.

Best Friends also has a Dog Trainer, Brie, that will attend most of our meetups. Brie is wonderful and loves to answer questions for free during our meetup about raising and training dogs.

Directions to Best Friends Pet Care:
1. Take 275 to exit #50 Montgomery/Morrow.
2. Turn away from Wendys off the exit onto Montgomery Road and travel less than a half mile.
3. Almost immediately on Montgomery Road, get into the Left Turn Lane and turn Left on Cornell Road and travel less than a half mile.
4. Take the second Right onto Gideon Lane, which is just past the Jewish School for the Gifted. If you travel across the bridge and see Sycamore HS, you have gone too far.
5. Best Friends will be on the Right at 11216 Gideon Ln.
6. Park anywhere in the circle.
7. We may be playing in the fenced yard area to the Right of Best Friends. If the yard is empty, enter through the main lobby, pass the gift shop and the playroom is the first door on the right. It is always kept closed to keep our Chis safe inside, so please come in!

For more information about this meetup or if you have any questions, please contact Susannah at susmay1@yahoo.com.

As a member of this meetup, you must adhere to the following safety precautions:

-Please make sure your Chi is up to date on his/her vaccinations.
-Please make sure your Chi is healthy enough to attend a meetup.
-Please do not bring small children to the meetup. Chi's are very fragile.
-If you bring an older child, please advise him/her NOT to pick up any Chi's.
-If this is the first time your Chi is meeting other dogs in an off-leash environment, please bring a leash to gradually introduce your Chi to the other Chi's.
-Chihuahuas must play at their own risk under the supervision of their owner(s). Owner's assume all responsibility and liability for their dog(s).
-Members of this meetup reserve the right to vote out any aggressive Chi that bites, injures and/or bullies another Chi. (Growling and some dominant behavior is normal.)

Along with her private training sessions and her group training sessions, Brie is also the organizer of several meetups in Cincinnati in the same location at Best Friends. These meetups include the Cincinnati Tiny Toys, Cincinnati Small Dogs, Cincinnati Responsible Dog Owners and the Cincinnati Puppy Socialization Meetup. You are also invited to attend the Cincinnati Yorkie & Petite Pup Club. All of these groups can be found on Meetup.com.

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