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We host these gatherings to learn how to live more sustainably in urban, suburban and rural settings from each other throughout the seasons here in the Cincinnati Bioregion. If you would like to organize an event at your site, just message us and we can help you make that happen. If you have ongoing events at your site then we can also make you an administrator. Every Permaculture site, whether urban, suburban or rural, private or public is unique and offers new learning opportunities about how we can build a resilient and regenerative bioregion. The Cincinnati Permaculture Institute facilitates this group and seeks to help people integrate permaculture into their lives in diverse ways. With our limited operating funds we seek to maximize our impact and that is why we offer trainings to leverage that impact, pioneering ways with collaborators in our region to refine what a sustainable future looks like, no matter what type of site it is. We collaborate with dozens of sites around the region and have many teachers who facilitate different learning experiences relating to a sustainable lifestyle founded in Permaculture's simple ethics, principles and design method that result in resilient, regenerative and mutualistic farms, gardens, homes, buildings and communities. To learn more you can visit CincinnatiPermacultureInstitute.org

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Growing Value Nursery Volunteer Day - Socially Distanced

Growing Value Nursery

The 5th Annual Ohio Valley Seed Swap

Jolly Event Center

Tonic Sobar Popup

Hometown Cafe Loveland

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