CRC @ Lucky Turtle!

The Lucky Turtle is tucked behind the busy street front businesses on Winton Road, offering an amazing selection of draft craft beer (with growler fills!), bourbon, wine, AND empanadas.

Parking is limited in the Turtle's lot, but there is a BIG lot just on the other side of the Arby's.

We have a few lovely route options that will keep us mostly OFF busy Winton Rd. (Turn by Turn in the comments)

Coco's attendance is still TBD!

The Monday norms (meaning there can be exceptions) are:
- Run from Breweries and Pubs
- When the title identifies a specific location, it will not change unless we notify of change.
- Rotate consistently anywhere in greater Cincinnati and downtown areas
- Routes 3 miles or greater, many with options (for length)
- Paces from 7:00 to 11:00+ per mile which generally create several smaller groups.
- We will try to publish routes in advance.
- RSVPs are not iron-clad, but very much appreciated so we can welcome in new persons and also help us plan space requirements with host locations.