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The purpose of this interactive group is to help elevate the practices of UX and User Research in the design and development community. You should join us if you have to write about, design, or develop applications for your company or customers, or you're a consultant in any business space. We teach and explore the power of user-centric, design thinking practices that lead to focused and accessible applications and websites.

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Digital Transformation: Process Maps Interactive Workshop

This fun and interactive workshop is a follow-on to last month's workshop on Digital Transformation. We're going to get an understanding now of Process Maps, and how they detail the flow of data through a system to different departments.

Our goal is to design a new automated system for merchandise managers of a large apparel retail company - and we've picked one in particular for you to design for.

We'll supply the framework and explain the scenario once we all get together, and you'll be expertly guided by our team of facilitators who will coach you through the thought processes and mechanics of a process map.

Like always, we'll be using a combination of Zoom breakout rooms and Miro. Be sure you don't come in on a VPN that blocks Miro so that you can participate and learn from the collaborative experience.

If you want to come have fun and meet new people, register and come! Don't register and not come because that won't do you any good. ;). We'll have four rooms and a facilitator for each with me popping in and out to keep time and see how things are going.

***Note - you will be sent the Meeting ID and Passcode after you register.

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Digital Transformation Interactive Workshop

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