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VV: Deadly Addiction AKA Rock House (1988)

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It's a known fact that dads are good at fixing cars, hitting baseballs, and eating pizza. But it's a little-known fact that dads are also good at making backyard action movies that feature children getting shot. Written, produced, and directed by Hollywood fringe player Jack Vacek, ROCK HOUSE is a middle-aged dad's fantasy come to life. That is, if the middle-aged dad in question is completely out of his mind. Vacek stars as Turner, a skid-row MAGNUM P.I. who drives around the San Fernando Valley in a tiny white convertible and occasionally plows into living rooms. Gangsters who feel like refugees from dinner theater say things like, "First there was fast food . . . now, there's fast drugs!" Turner has awkward casual sex, fights bad guys wearing rubber monster masks, and encounters lots of cocaine. He also lives on a boat and has a license plate that says: BEER RUN. ROCK HOUSE combines random vignettes, insane stunts, and non-stop catch-phrases with a action movie trope check-list that's fifteen miles long. All for the cost of a bag of Fritos. Dads rule! (Joseph A. Ziemba)




Sorry for the short notice, this just now came to my attention. Let me see how many people are down for this, and I'll let you know which seat I buy so you can sit somewhere near me.