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The 13 Crystal Skulls from the InterGalactic Councils
A fascinating discussion today about the 13 Crystal Skulls and how they are helping to shift humanity from a lower 3-D or 3rd Dimensional vibration to a higher 5-D level of spiritual awareness through Unity and Christ Consciousness. Many people are waking up and feeling the effects of a faster, purer vibration on the planet. Through the necessary balancing of our own polarities of masculine/feminine energies or the yin/yang principles, we too are adding more light and more favorable intentions that bring the highest and best for all life to the planet. The illusions created by the ego have begun to be dispelled by a wiser, kinder, Authentic Luminous Being-which is able to demonstrate Higher Self skills, talents and Psychic Abilities. We have forgotten our pasts, when we too walked and talked with Angels and Beings of Great Light. We have forgotten the accomplishments and Mastery we achieved in our very own Past-Lives. But as the veils are removed, we see what we can now fully achieve on and with Mother Earth. We came here by invitation and with the Intention to reclaim for Mother Earth, that this Planet is a Wonderful, Beautiful shining jewel in the Heavens. We, Children of the Law of One are her true custodians and Keepers still of the Mother Flame that existed from ancient times on Lemuria. It's time for that Flame to be reignited in all of us. Bring a crystal to activate the 3rd Eye. Refreshments will be served. Start of Class Love Offering: $20 cash or check

Linda Pringle's House

5932 Illinois Ave. · Orangevale, CA