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November 17 CircleSinging in Arlington
Please join us for our Saturday morning CircleSinging in Arlington, which will be led by Lynn Rosenbaum, an experienced singer, improviser, and facilitator. All are welcome. Please note that this session will be 1. 5 hours ( a little shorter than our Sunday afternoon meetings) to give you plenty of time to enjoy the rest of your Saturday. $15-$5 sliding scale. No one turned away for lack of funds

Portal Crystal Gallery

489 Mass Ave · Arlington, , MA

What we're about

CircleSinging is a spontaneous, improvisational community-singing experience, a little bit like a “drum circle” for singers. In a circlesong, a leader starts by improvising a line of music and gives it / teaches it to one part of the circle. The leader then develops a second part that goes with the first and gives that part to another section of the circle. CircleSingers learn and repeat the exact part given to them. Soon we are singing a four part (at least) chorus that has never been sung before. This chorus can support individual solos.

The effect: never-before-sung, wordless, fun songs, melodies, harmonies, and rhythms. The music may be glorious or goofy, complex or simple. Each circle is a unique experience, created by a spontaneously collaborating community.

A leader improvises. Circlesingers learn and follow their parts. Voila! — a newly created choral piece.

This is a “mistake-free” zone, for all levels of singers — we sing for the sheer fun of it! Sing beautiful harmonies without sheet music. Witness a circle of people creating music together. Come sing with us! Participants find it a joyful, exhilarating (and many have said spiritual) experience. Improvising and music-making can give insight into other life issues. Many notice cooperation, teamwork, and community.

We take inspiration from methods developed by the unique and illustrious Bobby McFerrin and his collaborators, and from circlesinging groups in cities around the US and the world.

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More about circlesinging:

If you are new to circlesinging, you can hear and see examples in the videos below:

1 - In this video you'll see a circlesong created with several parts. (first, the leader does a little solo improvizing).. click here (

2 - In the following video, Bobby McFerrin creates a circlesong with audience members, then riffs on top of it. Start watching at minute 5:25 (through 9:30)

3 - Berklee faculty member Joey Blake leads students in circlesinging in this video starting at minute 1:28. You also see individuals improvising solos on top of what has been created so far. (

4 - In the following video, you come into a circlesong in progress; two sections are already singing their newly created parts as the video begins …..

5 - Starting at minute 2:00 in the following video, see Bobby McFerrin starting a circle (and see also his playfulness with audience members) (

6 - Here's a fun one from the TV show “SingOff” start at minute 1:00 the link is

7. - Video of a large gathering of circlesingers, led by Gael Aubrit in Lyon France. He organizes Chant Pour Tous which sponsors circlesinging around France and nearby countries.

8. - Another video example; Bobby invited a 2011 music teachers' conference participant to try leading a circle...

9. Not a video, but this blog posting by Sariyah Idan, a singer-songerwriter / producer based between Los Angeles and Berlin, describes her "Week with Bobby McFerrin and my Mom" after she attended the CircleSongs Workshop at Omega August 2018. Link to her blog is

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