What we're about

In our circles we reconnect with our earth based, creative essence of the sacred feminine, our bodies, our life force, earth, moon, nature, women, cycles, the universe, the wisdom inside, stillness.

We create space and time to nourish, to honor, to heal and love ourselves. We reestablish a strong connection with the earth as a base for our venture into our female bodies.

Using a slow flow of yoga movements, guided meditation, breathing, healing touch, and ritual, we release tension, and bring consciousness to the root of our joyful and powerful feminine essence.

If we truly reconnect, we will, once more, become doorways into the creating aspect of the universe. Only if the female is fully loved and in balance, can we restore balance on our planet. The healing of our planet has to start with the healing of the feminine in order to bring balance between the feminine and masculine.


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