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Through three focused Circles of Abundance, discover easy to follow, heart opening elements, to living a life of abundance. Do you wake with a sense of emptiness? A yearning for things to be different? Do you turn off the light at night wishing for a better day tomorrow? Do you know what you truly desire deep in your heart? Imagine your joy when you find and experience singing your own song, to your chosen beat and rhythm. The song that truly makes your heart smile. Come and join like hearted souls to discover how you live a life of abundance.
Explore how you fully show up in your life as the person you truly are.
Consider how meaningful your connections are, and their contribution to your abundant life. Within the beautiful, nourishing environment of The Tree of Life in Hove, you explore, understand and move into an abundant mindset, and life. Through three inter-dependent gatherings you develop clarity on-
By knowing who you are and who you want to be, you remove confusion on the meaning of your life and consequently enhance your inner peace. Contentment is secured through clarity on what you want, as you recognise and appreciate the steps made towards obtaining your desires. VISUALISE YOUR WANTS AND DESIRES, AND REDUCE DOUBT
Learning how to visualise your wants and desires removes doubt as your physiology matches your dream emotional states. Your body recognises you are content as you uncover all the abundance you have now and yet to come. Anxiety from wanting certainty about the future is reduced as you focus on the bigger picture of your hearts desires BE PART OF MEANINGFUL AND FULFILLING RELATIONSHIPS
Through developing relationships, based on trust and love, you capture the true essence of meaningful connections. With a focus on relationships that serve you, and that you serve well, your life automatically increases in abundance. MORE AND MORE BECOME THE PERSON YOU LIKE AND LOVE
Embracing self-compassion and gratefulness contributes to acceptance of yourself and others. Through accepting the wonderfulness of you, you see yourself as you truly are, a gift, a real miracle. This self acceptance enhances your capacity to love yourself, and others. From investing in these gatherings you illuminate your way. You wake in the morning with a sense of satisfaction, ready to embrace a life of abundance and discovering gratefulness in a life altering way. With this enhanced way of thinking your life will be how you desire it to be, you will know your song and your heart will sing. These Circles take place on the first Monday of the month from 6pm to 7.30pm.
Investment-£10 via bank transfer or cash on the evening. Please book through contacting Fi at Fifeehan@gmail.com

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