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This is a group for anyone interested in learning how to go beyond small talk and boring dead-end conversations, and create meaningful connection instead. Conscious communication is at the heart of Circling.

Circling builds on Authentic Relating and facilitates profound transformation and personal growth. It is an awareness practice that supports authenticity and connection. It can help you to shift and evolve at the very foundation of your being. Making the desired changes in your life then becomes a natural outcome.

In this group you will learn how to ground yourself in the NOW, communicate in an a brand new way and be fully present to yourself and others.


- Re-program relational patterns and create deep meaningful connections.

- Access more choices when responding to, or interacting with others.

- Communicate your truth in a way that allows others to understand your perspective.

- Learn how to understand and accept others' point of view even when you don't agree
with it, or feel triggered by what they say.

- Discover filters and blind-spots that make it difficult to see, be seen and relate in ways that support the relationship.

While Circling is not therapy, it provides the benefits of deep healing and rapid transformation through transforming the way you relate to yourself and to others.

for more information go to: http://www.circlingDC.com

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Bethesda NVC- Making observations

9112 Old Georgetown Rd

The focus of the group will be on learning/reviewing the basic concepts of NVC. There will be group exercises in empathic communication. Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and often called “compassionate communication” — helps you create the high quality of connection out of which people naturally enjoy contributing to one another’s well-being. We welcome everyone who are interested about Nonviolent Communications, regardless of level of knowledge in NVC. The focus of the group will be on learning/reviewing the basic concepts and understanding of the language. Each meeting there will be an opportunity for receiving and providing empathy after the basic fundamentals of NVC are reviewed. Food will be provided. This is a free event. After each workshop you will gain a better understanding of: • Emotional intelligence • Empathic communications • Communicating in general

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New Culture Summer Camp 2019

Private Retreat Center

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