What we're about

We provide an integrative experience for those wanting to embody the real possibilities of deep presence in their life and relationships. We uniquely combine Circling with Integral coaching. This is one of the most comprehensive and effective methodologies for personal growth in the world today and adds a deep structure behind the natural flow of moment to moment relating in circling.

What is Circling?

Circling is a fresh way to develop presence in yourself and richer connections with those around you. It can provide fundamental and often unseen insights that once seen create new and exciting opportunities. It provides a doorway into flow experiences and breathes life into sometimes vague spiritual concepts and ideas. Through Circling individuals can start to develop trust in a deeper intelligence in themselves and others. Part of what makes it special is that although it is based on complex ideas, taking part in it is simple and empowering. We believe it to be one of the richest tools for human development in the world today because it works on so many levels.

How does it work?

Circling is a practice where the attention of a small group is skilfully focused on an individual. This person gets to feel the impact of being supportively seen by others while also experiencing their honest in-the-moment feelings. The process revolves around connection, understanding and a deep authenticity between people. It involves bringing a greater awareness and appreciation into our connections with others and can be considered a type of relational meditation because of this. It is a paradigm shifting practice that is supported by wide ranging research in how adults learn and develop. Anyone with a curiosity can come and take part in Circling because of its simplicity and practicality.

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Circling Weekend

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Circling Immersion Weekend

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Circling Immersion Weekend

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