What we're about

Cirencester D&D is a small collection of RPG players who meet once every other week. The group meets every other Monday.

Its an open group, so anyone that wants to play can come down and join us. We usually meet in a pub, so there is an 18 years old limit imposed by that.

We're open to people who have never played before, just come along and say hello, and I'll give you a character sheet. Generating your first character can be a bit daunting, so I come prepared with a selection of pre-generated characters so you can get straight into the action.

Don't worry about not knowing the rules, we'll help you out. The game is mostly you saying what you want your character to do, the DM deciding the probability of it working, and then rolling a dice to see whether it worked, and then narrating together the outcome. There are some dice rolls to pick the order play, and some to work out the scale of the outcome, but the majority is you interacting with the fantasy world. Some people like to act as their character, others prefer a third person approach, both are fun.

Come and play!

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Cirencester D&D Group 3 session 2

Golden Cross Inn

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