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There are many makers, hobbyist, and developers, who waste lots of time, money and energy to build an IoT product. The reasons are lack of directions, lack of other domain knowledge and lack of proper guidance. The problems could be better solved by keeping in touch with the people working on the same technology and discussing with them.

The journey of learning IoT and building an IoT product could be made easy and interesting with the group of people having the same interest areas. That is why Cirkitect has taken initiative to build an interactive group of people sharing the same interest.

This group is dedicated to all the geeks, who want to build IoT applications on their own by learning from scratch. This group is to provide a communication platform for, Entrepreneurs, programmers, makers, designers, professionals, students & tinkerers willing to make the world a smarter place with technology.

Who are we?
Cirkitect is a community dedicated towards helping technology enthusiasts to achieve their technology goal. We constantly work towards providing easy to apply knowledge & support. Along with the best-designed products to satisfy innovation needs, Cirkitect offers curriculum, training & online tutorials to help tech enthusiasts and makers of all ages to explore the amazing world of IoT, embedded, application development, robotics, and electronics.

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Chotu Tapriwala

Cirkitect: Internet of Things Free Learning Session

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Webinar: MQTT Protocol in IoT

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