Collaboration between startups and large Org:the good,the bad,and the challenges

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Collaboration between startups and large organizations comes in diverse forms, from entrepreneurs' participation in accelerators - such as Citi's Basecamp TLV - to implementation of innovative technologies in large banks and even direct financial investments. These mutually beneficial relationships are common not only in the FinTech world, but also in other industry sectors such as Energy, Healthcare, Communications and Media.

The lecture will list the benefits of collaborations between large corporations and startups; describe the innate gaps between these two distinct types of organizations; and detail some strategies for making such relationships thrive, based on the speaker's experience with both large corporations and early stage ventures.
Eran Laniado, the Managing Director of BMN! Consulting, was the Head of Corporate Banking Strategy at Bank Hapoalim, where he led a major turnaround, including a massive IT upgrade. He was also the VP Business Development of a NYSE traded multinational firm, where he was responsible for renewable energy investments.

Eran has been working extensively with startup founders. He created the 'Building business models for startups' course at Tel Aviv University's Entrepreneurship Center, and is the author of 'Revenue Models Quick Guide', the top resource on this topic.