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The mission of Citizen Filmmakers is to bring together individuals; screenwriters, filmmakers, and actors, from all walks of life, to work together in a collaborative effort, to make films. Our website is:


Recruit Cast and Crew:

Filmmakers can post their current film project on our website in order to recruit cast and crew from our Citizen Filmmakers' membership. Also, filmmakers can request a pre-production meeting for individuals interested in joining their film project. Citizen Filmmakers will create an event here and advertise it to its members. If you would like to post your current film project on our website, please visit http://www.citizenfilmmakers.com and go to the "Post Your Film Project" page and fill out and submit the form at the bottom of the page.

Study Screenwriting:

Citizen Filmmakers will run 10 week formal, intense Screenwriting Study Groups for writers who want to study the craft of screenwriting and an ongoing Screenwriting Workshop for writers who have completed the study group and/or are experienced screenwriters.

Study Filmmaking:

Citizen Filmmakers will run 18 week formal, intense Filmmaking Study Groups for filmmakers who want to study filmmaking and an ongoing Filmmaking Workshop for filmmakers who have completed the 18 week study group and/or experienced filmmakers.

The Citizen Filmmakers' study groups and workshop are free to join and there are no ongoing fees to participate. (Individuals who participate in the study groups will have to obtain the textbook used in each study group.)


Upcoming events (3)

Citizen Filmmakers' Screenwriting Workshop: Santa Monica

Citizen Filmmakers' Screenwriting Workshop: Santa Monica. This screenwriting workshop is open to anyone interested in the craft of screenwriting, from beginners to veterans. Screenwriters are encouraged to submit a screenplay or partial screenplay for critique by the group. Submit your screenplay to [masked] in advance of the workshop so other writers have an opportunity to read and prepare a critique before the meeting.

Short Film Project: Cast and Crew Wanted

Capital One Café

Citizen Filmmaker producer, director, and writer, Mickey Nakazato, is putting together cast and crew for his new short film project titled, "Final Assignment". Anyone interested in joining his team for this project is invited to a meeting on Saturday, October 19, 2019, 4:00pm-6:00pm, at the Capital One Cafe in downtown Glendale. To learn more about the project, crew, cast and to read the screenplay, please go to our website at: www.citizenfilmmakers.com and go to the "Current Projects" page. Mickey Nakazato's email address is available on our website for anyone who would like to email him directly for more information about his project.

Citizen Filmmakers' Screenwriting Study Group, Week 2

Capital One Café

The Citizen Filmmakers' Screenwriting Study Group will be meeting at the Capital One Cafe in Glendale. The group will be discussing the following chapters in Robert Mckee's book "Story": Chapter Three: Structure and Setting Chapter Four: Structure and Genre Chapter Five: Structure and Character Participants are asked to read the three chapters in advance and be prepared to discuss them at the study group meeting. Individuals who were not able to make the first study group meeting are asked to read the introduction and the first two chapters of "Story" in order to catch up with the study group. The study group will meet for seven consecutive weeks. The breakdown of the curriculum is available on our website at: www.citizenfilmmakers.com on the "Screenwriting Study Group: Glendale" page.

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