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Galactic Fête - Citizen Inventor x Create Space London

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A Summer Festival Celebrating the Mix of Space, Art and Maker Culture, Hands on. 18/19 July LONDON.

There are plenty of festivals going on during the summer but nothing is like the Galactic Fête! Galactic Fête is a summer festival celebrating the mix of space, art and maker culture, hands on. 18/19 July LONDON.

The common thing about space, art and maker culture is inspiration. Who doesn't want to have some inspiration in a relaxed, merry, summer weekend?!

With inspiration comes creativity. Ever had the trouble of not knowing where to start implementing with your new idea or think that you are not in a place to do so? Creation, needs skills, at least a rough idea of. Here's where the maker culture helps - with its focus on using and learning practical skills and applying them. Now, that sounds like hard work, too much hard work for the weekend, at least.

Or is it?

At Galactic Fête, we will break it down and provide that a gentle starting point to creativity by giving you a variety of experiences in bite-sized hands-on workshops, smoothed by the refreshments and games. There will be a spectrum of activities ranging from getting yourself transformed into a space cat on portrait, to screen-printing, laser cutting your own space themed masterpiece, to hands on learning to build spacecrafts. We have something for you regardless of where you are on your journey. On Saturday evening, we'll have a star party - where you can observe the sky, top up with more food and enjoy one of the many crafty things of the weekend: craft beer. All that, at an unbelievably affordable price.

You, your family (children too) and friends are invited to come relaxed and celebrate creativity in action, at this art/space merry. You are more creative than you think!


Time: 18 Jul 10:30 - 19 Jul 17:00

Venue: Create Space London (Nearest station: Stonebridge Park)

RSVP on this meetup does not grant you entry to the festival, but you can still do that to indicate you would like more of these kind of events. Please register for a ticket at

The day and weekend ticket includes 2 drinks and some lunch. If you are getting the full weekend pass, that also includes entrance to the star party (and a place to crash for star party - bring sleeping bag). It would really help us to get the catering right with these tickets!

We've charged a small fee for this festival. The catering and drinks are not free and we are running against time to find a sponsor (yes, we can do it earlier, but remember we are all volunteers here and a festival is no small task - without your help, it is hard to keep everything freeee). Beyond that, if there's any left, we hope one day we will not be in the red and save up enough to start making some online content which you can have access to. Oh yes, video production is expensive. Very. So if you can do videoing, come and help us too.

We've kept the 2x hands on diy spacecraft events free for you (see the other 2 meetups), you can still RSVP to them but that does not include food, drink, star party or sleepover.

Anyways, it's time to have fun and not be too worried. Relax and enjoy the summer while it's here!