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TONIGHT Film night: Darwin's dangerous idea Part 1

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Pearson G22 LT

University College London, Gower St., WC1E 6BT, London · London

How to find us

Enter UCL from Gower St main entrance, turn to the left and follow the signage

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"Charles Darwin's theory of evolution sent shockwaves through the 19th century world, but its impact has continued to be potent and widespread – in society, religion, politics, and science".

This fascinating documentary tells the story of Darwin is amazing legacy…

"Recounting some of the experiences which shaped Darwin is thinking during his famous voyage on The Beagle and explaining how the theory broke out from the world of science, presenter Andrew Marr tells the impact of this revolutionary idea and how it came to challenge so many aspects of society".

What: Documentary screening "Darwin's dangerous idea Part 1: Body & Soul" and discussion with special guests - snacks & drinks

When: 14th July; 18:30

Where: Room Pearson G22, University College London - enter UCL via main entrance on Gower St. turn to the left and follow the signage

This is a free event

"Natural selection was an incendiary concept that was equally appropriated and misappropriated: it inspired Nietzsche and Freud but was used by those justifying slavery and World War I slaughter; the Nazis used to validate their 'final solution', but it was a founding idea behind the democratic, anti-racist values of the United Nations; it was the basis of eugenics, but has been used to eliminate a fatal genetic disease.

Darwinism is still a providing influence, fuelling environmentalist concerns, educational debate, and predictive DNA dilemmas. As inspiring and disturbing today as it was 150 years ago, this documentary series is proof that Darwin is bombshell remains a truly dangerous idea".

Darwin's dangerous idea Part 1: Body & Soul

Darwin's dangerous idea Part 2: Born equal?

Darwin's dangerous idea Part 3: Life and death

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