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Live Crowd Investigation - Session #2: Will AI Take Over The World?

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Together, we conduct a live crowd investigation to determine the validity of evidence provided to us by the media. This week, we will be discussing the narrative around Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it will "take over the world."

This will be our second session together and will serve as our Deep Dive Session. Even so, folks are encouraged to bring newcomers along to jump right in with us!

The current narrative we have been given is that AI is going to take away people's jobs, livelihoods, and could even be the end of the human race. In this meetup, we will ask these questions: Where did this narrative come from? Is there any validity to these claims? What evidence has been provided?

We've enjoyed some learning and discussion together. Now is a good time for us to break up individually and investigate the particular leads each of us are interested in.

We'll take the first hour to conduct that investigative work on whatever articles or leads you are interested in pertaining to AI. This will be done individually or in groups. For the second hour, we will go around the table and share our individual findings, and discuss those findings. For folks participating online, we will go live during the second half on Facebook Live instead of YouTube for better chat functionality. Just like last time, we'll take the last 15 minutes or so to discuss our next steps and whether we want to continue searching for more answers to questions related to the current Investigation or if we, as a group, feel like we are satisfied and would like to move onto a new topic.

Food and drinks will be provided, this event is sponsored by District Hall.

Here are all the ways to join us:

In person at District Hall.

In our Live Stream on Facebook during the second half of the session - We recommend liking the Facebook page so you get notified when we go live:

On Discord to participate remotely online before and after the session: