What we're about

Do you like exploring what the vibrant cities of SF Bay area have to offer?

Is there an outdoorsy, adventurous side to you?

Do you like meeting new people?

If your answer is yes to any of those questions, then you are a Funster! Become City Explorers by day and Wild Campers by night and try something new like .....

Live music, concerts

Clubbing, Bar crawling and Food touring

Hikes, BBQ, Camping trips

5k, mud runs

Skiing Trips to Lake Tahoe

Whitewater rafting, kayaking, Standup paddle boarding

Biking on the Golden gate bridge

Cruises around the golden gate bridge, whale watching tours

Beach volleyball in Stinson beach (SF) and Cowells (Santa cruz)

Occasional Trips to LA/ San Diego/ Shasta


Just take a little step outside your comfort zone to make new friends and you will have an experience that is 100% awesomeness! :)

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Online Speed Dating - Singles (36-47 group)

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New Friends - New Connections Mixer (48-69 group)

Online Event - TheFunSingles.com

New Connections - Social Singles Mixer (36-47)

Online Event - TheFunSingles.com

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