What we're about

CityPlaceWrites is for: This group is for writing: creative writing, beginning to write and advanced constructive development of work. Also, community building and discussion on topics like voice, media, narrative, form and language. Also also, drinks with new writing friends?

Location: CityPlace, Toronto. One event per month.

Workshop goals: To meet local writers and people who want to discuss topics surrounding the art of writing. Establish a supportive atmosphere for writers of all genres. Work on our pieces together, read and discuss topics of interests in an inclusive and safe space to support each other's writing goals. This group strives to provide accessibility to people at different writing stages and the different things they want out of a writing group.

Workshop format 1: poetry drop in

Workshop format 2: recurring workshop where we will give on-going feedback on each others work. Some homework is required (e.g. advance reading and constructive comments of peer work)

Workshop format 3: workshops are also code for parties

Mandate: Audre Lorde's tips to finding your own voice 1) accepting others, 2) use your platform to give a voice to others, 3) use your voice, 4) stay true to yourself, 5) use your strength, 6) celebrate our differences, 7) create, 8) share joy, 9) the importance of women & BIPOC & LGBTQ2S, 10) live life to the fullest, 11) love, 12) empower, 13) courage to express your individuality, 14) sticking up for what you believe in and 15) not to remain silent.

About me: My name is Rasheed. I have a Creative Writing Master degree from Kingston University London. I have published some poems and edited a few short film scripts for film makers. For over 10 years I have volunteered at the library as a reader and after school programs for youth who seek help with homework. I am a coordinator of this group and organizer of the meetings - paying the fees on my own. I inspire to lead and support a workshop I believe in.

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Poetry Eaters (drop in)

15 Iceboat Terrace , ON M5V 4A5

One thousand and one writes

15 Iceboat Terrace , ON M5V 4A5

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