• Portrait, Posing, and Lighting Workshop

    637 Wherry Ct

    *** IMPORTANT: Before your respond to this event, please go to http://www.cityscape-photo.com/workshops/2019/1/26/portrait-posing-and-lighting-workshop to register and pay **** Have you been wanting to learn how to take good portraits? Then this is the workshop for you! Fred Silber will share his 40-plus years of portrait and wedding photography experience with you and teach you what you need to know in the way of technique, lighting, and posing for indoor formal or informal portraiture for individuals or groups. Fred will also explain what equipment you will need to get started in indoor portraiture. Fred will show you how to make flattering portraits of anyone, even someone with a mug like the one above. If weather permits, we will also go outdoors and learn some useful techniques for outdoor portraiture. *** IMPORTANT: Before your respond to this event, please go to http://www.cityscape-photo.com/workshops/2019/1/26/portrait-posing-and-lighting-workshop to register and pay ****

  • *** FREE EVENT *** Learning Session - Creating Vibrant Color Photography

    The Greene Turtle Sports Bar & Grille

    We've learned about design elements in photographic composition. But did you know that COLOR is also a design element? In this FREE learning session, Fred Silber and Steve Rosenbach will show you how to use color to help you make rich and vibrant photographs. We'll start with the building blocks of color, go into color and composition, including frames, color shapes, and color juxtaposition. You can use color to control your viewers' path in your photo, and we'll show that to you as well. We'll also demonstrate color post-processing, including white balance and color adjustment. Come join us, and Fred and Steve will help you become a better color photographer! SPECIAL NOTE: We’ll meet at the Green Turtle in Owings Mills. The Green Turtle is generous enough to provide a private room with tables, chairs, and servers to our group. There is no charge for this meet up, but we ask that you order dinner, drinks, or appetizers during our meeting please. Space is limited, so RSVP as early as you can, and if you later find you won't be able to make it, please change your response to free up space for another member. Thanks!

  • *** FREE EVENT *** Chinese New Year Parade in DC

    783 7th St NW

    Let's go to the Chinese New Year Parade in Washington's Chinatown! We’ll meet at the southwest corner of 7th and H Street at 12:45pm on Sunday, February 10th to photograph a pre-parade dance party (by the Chinatown Arch) starting at 1pm. The parade will start at 2pm should last about 50 minutes. This is the Year of the Pig and this year will be the biggest and most dynamic parade ever with traditional Chinese lions, dragons and such but including a variety of other parade groups sure to please such as…Batala Washington, Washington Wizards mascot – G-Wiz, Girl Scouts of America, DC’s Different Drummers, Leadership Greater Washington the Whitman High School Drumline, Fortune Cookie Tossers, Almas Shriners and their Clowns driving miniature vehicles and much much more! This year we will have a pre-parade dance party at 7th & H Streets (by the Chinatown Arch) starting at 1pm. During this celebration in the Asian culture, it is traditional to wear RED which is meant to ward off evil spirits. So feel free to come sporting your favorite red shirts, jackets, hats and scarves! Family members and children are welcome! You know how parking can be in DC, so the best way to attend might be by using the DC Metro, which can bring you right to our meetup point at the "Gallery Place Chinatown" station. After the parade, for anyone who would like to socialize some more, we’ll hit one of the many wonderful ethnic restaurants in the area for an early supper. Please note in your response if you would like to stay for that.