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The meetup.com information page for the Official CiviCRM London meetups.

CiviCRM is an open source donor and constituent management solution for non profits and member organisations.

Meetups are a great way to:

network with the CiviCRM community
find out about how people are making the most out of CiviCRM
discover if CiviCRM is suitable for your organisation
learn about what is coming up in future releases

Meetups generally start at 6.00pm and finish about 8.30pm, but do come along earlier as we'll be there from 5.30pm.

At each meetup there will be an introduction to CiviCRM, a case study of an organisation using it and other presentations on great features of CiviCRM.

Really important!

The meetup.com page is for information only.

Please always remember to register at CiviCRM.org if you are intending on coming to the meetup, to make sure we can keep you up to date with the latest from the CiviCRM UK community.

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Past events (30)

CiviCRM London Meetup - March 2019

Suite 16, Perseverance Works

CiviCRM London Meetup - December 2018

Suite 16, Perseverance Works

London CiviCRM Meetup October

90 Main Yard

CiviCon UK

Arlington conference centre

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