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Hack day: Open configuration protocol for bootstrapping info kiosks

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Steve and Preston have been working to build on the kiosks that display bus data, powered by Greg's SMSMyBus. Last gathering, Steve showed off a design of a monitor powered by a raspberry pi, which bootstraps a browser and renders a page with the bus data pulled in for given stops.

We plan to develop an open configuration protocol to bootstrap time- and place-aware kiosks which could be hosted on separate servers as well as on a central server as SAAS which can be configured to display an extendible set of data.

If you want to work on and/or start learning about this, come to Horizon on Tuesday, June 11th at 4:00.

We plan to host weekly sessions from 4:00-6:00 on Tuesdays on any given project. Monthly meetings will allow for more formal presentation on projects and technologies people find useful or interesting. Have something you want to work on or show off? Let us know.