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Enerchi Monthly Psychic Fair
Join us for the Enerchi Psychic Fair on the first Saturday of the month! Find out what lies ahead in your future with one our skilled readers, or refresh and revitalize your energy body with one of our healers! Sheri, our founder and Atlanta psychic (featured on TV & Radio, has handpicked the best psychics and energy healers in Atlanta and put them all in one room to help you find the clarity and insight you seek. Find out why this is the best psychic fair in Atlanta! Join us! Readings are only $20 for 15 minutes! These psychic and healers average $150 or more an hour for their top notch skills! We also offer phone readings and the ability to pre-book your session online! Simply visit ( to learn more and book today! Walk-ins also welcome. Light refreshments will be available for purchase. Featured Psychics: Sheri Brown - Sheri is a natural born Emphatic Clairvoyant (psychic) who can see and hear into the spirit world. Sheri is extremely accurate with her readings. Sheri is a highly trained and skilled energy healer, L.M.T, Reiki Master and Yogi!, Sheri regularly uses her intuitive abilities throughout her practices and is always keeping them sharp. Sheri loves helping others discover the answers they seek and is known for her direct honesty and sparkling humor in her readings. Candice Smith - Candice is an internationally known professional psychic reader, spiritual counselor, life coach, and Reiki Master. She has had the gift to see, feel, and read energy from birth, and her gift has only improved with age. As an intuitive spiritual counselor, Candice is genuine and supportive with a loving approach. She offers deep compassion through her own life experience of turning challenges into blessings. Candice's ability to be present, clear, and articulate enables her to cut through the rhetoric to the heart of the matter, empowering clients to heal, transform, and move forward. Dione Fambrough - Hailing originally from the Catskills in upstate New York, Dione is a natural empath who uses psychometry and touch to receive spiritual messages, energy, and past life regressions. She began her spiritual journey in her early twenties at Lily Dale, the largest spiritualist community in the world. There she enhanced her gifts with renowned psychics and mediums from around the world, including Lisa Williams and John White. Dione's readings provide compassion and comfort to those with a seeking spirit through her healing touch. Shelia Harris - Shelia came from a long line of psychics in her family and was taught to embrace her supernatural gifts from a young age. She has honed her skills for the past 40 years and is referred to as "The Psychics' Psychic." Shelia specializes in clairvoyance, mediumship, palm reading, playing cards, astrology, remote viewing, and numerology. Ann Hanson - Many of Ann's clients rate her as 98% accurate. She has hosted radio shows and co-hosted television specials and is known for her uncanny predictions. Ann's area of expertise includes insights and guidance regarding relationships, career, life questions, financial insights, spirituality, lost people, lost objects and dream interpretation. Let Ann see your future and help you with any situation with love! Featured Holistic Healers: Adrianna Carter - Adrianna is Sheri's daughter and has inherited much of her intuitive ability in the healing arts. A certified Reiki Master, hypnotherapist, Thai Massage therapist, and B.S. in biomedical engineering, Adrianna understands the importance of the mind-body connection across modalities and works to help clients utilize this connection to release emotional and physical blocks in the body. Get your energy tuned-up this New Year with a combination of breath-work, guided meditation, and energy healing with Adrianna. Vickie Ralls - Vickie is an empathic healer and certified Qi Gong master with a high vibration of intuition. As part of the New Year's Psychic Fair, Vickie is FREE demos offering healing services using the Stress Relief Companion (SRC4U). The SRC4U merges the ancient art of Qi Gong and traditional Chinese medicine with modern technology to generate personalized energy signals to balance and remove the physical, mental and spiritual body. The moment Vickie was introduced to the SRC4U program she knew it was not just another fascinating healing modality, but her destiny to help others to improve their health! She is excited to bring this Qi Gong to Enerchi and its clients! Psychics are subject to change on a monthly basis, so check our newsletter and event description for the most up to date list. Get the insight you need to #unleashyourenerchi. See you there!

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Sheri Brown, the psychic yogi, shares her extensive knowledge about life, healing and happiness. Sheri has weekly classes to balance your life, meet new friends and overcome obstacles. If you are ready for a serious spiritual group that likes to have fun, join clarity and insight! We will see you soon! Many Blessings!

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