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Our group is established to foster meaningful lasting friendships with other mothers while we all navigate raising our children during the challenging years of birth- preschool. You’ve heard “It takes a village to raise a child” and it really does! We listen to each other, offer advice (when asked), and support one another like a second family. We are always on the lookout for new moms to welcome into the group who want friendship and comradery. In order to foster these types of meaningful relationships amongst members, we have some guidelines about participation in our group.


Group Attendance:

We need to have active members to have cohesion in the group. If we don’t know you and you don’t know us, then it is hard to develop a friendship. It is strongly advised that attending 2 playdates a month will help aid in friendships. If you take the time to attend, talk to others, and let your child(ren) socialize as well, it is easy to cultivate life long friendships. Basically what you put into the group is what you will get out of it. It really is that simple :)

Playdate Attendance

*No Showing: RSVPing to an event and not showing up will be counted as a no show. After three no shows in a 6 month period, you will be removed from the group.

*Last Minute Cancellations: If you cancel your RSVP less than 24 hours before the event start time without a reasonable excuse, it will be documented. After 3 last minute cancellations in a 6 month period without a reasonable excuse, you will be prohibited from attending in home play dates for 3 months. Please comment in the playdate or private message the host your excuse.

It is unfair for hosts to plan and potentially spend money on a play date and have the attendance drop with such short notice. It is also unfair to take the spot away from another member who could attend the play date but wasn't able to get a spot due to the event being full.

Reasonable excuses include but are not limited to unexpected illnesses and urgent care doctor appointments. Please keep children home for 24 hours after fevers, rashes, vomiting, etc. have stopped. This is to prevent illness from spreading to others.

*Running Late: If you will be late to a play date, comment that you are running behind but will be there. If no comment has been made by 30 minutes after the start time and you are still not there, it will be counted as a no show.

*Please be mindful that our hosts are all volunteers and are welcoming you in to their homes. Supervising your children, helping to clean up, and being aware of the start and end time of the playdate are all ways to be a great friend/guest.

If you volunteer to host a playdate in your home, please secure all firearms in your home if you have any. If you have a concealed carry permit and actively carry, please talk to the host if guns are allowed in their home. Every family home is different and we want to be respectful to the host and their wishes in their own home.


If you have read through the guidelines and would like to join our mom tribe, please do the following: include your first and last name and a photo of yourself in your profile. This is required for all members for the safety of everyone. Your photo and name will be accessible only by other members in our group. It will not show to general people browsing meet up. You will not be admitted to the group unless this is followed. An organizer will message you if a piece of the information is missing and help you add it.


You will have 30 days to try out our group for FREE to see if you like our group. After 30 days, dues of $16 a year are due in order to stay in the group. Dues are used to pay for the meetup site and for our big group get togethers. Dues are nonrefundable.

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