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This is a real-life gathering space for creatives and professionals who don't have a traditional "office." We'll meet in a supportive environment on a consistent schedule so each of us can dedicate a few focused hours to serious progress on our work.

You may be a writer, a distance learner, or an entrepreneur/solopreneur. With today's flexible and digital working environment, we have more freedom than ever - which can mean we have more distractions than ever!

At this meetup, we'll provide a regular environment to be surrounded by other professionals and creatives. Each of us is working on our own goals or project, but we can still benefit from the inspiration, motivation, and regularity of a shared working environment.

We'll start off meeting each other and spend the majority of our time quietly working as individuals. We may practice realistic goal-setting, share project management ideas, try the pomodoro technique together, and perhaps 'report' to each other at the end of the session. This group is brand-new, so let's explore a bit.

If you're looking for a little structure, accountability, and support for your individual work, come join us!

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