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Description from the original organizer which I love:

"I want a group of people that think for themselves and not get lead by the masses. As a gay man, I feel that the Gay community is lead by the left way too much, to the point that they become poppets for the left's agenda.

If you are a gay man or lesbian or whatever and feel like you don't fit with most gay communities because of their extreme left side beliefs, you might want to try to hang out with us.

We are here to make friends with others that have similar thinking... to hang out and do fun things without having to change who are and what we believe, in order to fit in."


My addition:

We are not alone. We may be the only one sitting at an unexpected Hillary ovation at an HRC event, or decide to stay at work vs. going downtown to put a vagina hat on our head. Some of us need to stay politically neutral to stay objective for our clients and children, to allow them the freedom to choose their own political path. Some of us are pro-choice but would prefer that it is privately funded, or that infanticide remain illegal. Bottom line, we all were expected to live and believe that only one way of lifestyle was the only true way to happiness. We fought, and won our sexual freedom. Why now are we required to believe in only one political party? It is ignorant to believe such a reality exists. All I ask is that we get together as often as we like, respect freedom of speech and thought and have a zero tolerance for anyone thinking this is an opportunity for "conversion therapy" towards progressivism. You have your own events...knock yourself out.

Come be happy, be proud, be hopeful, be motivated, be filled with the possibilities! Come meet other LGBTQ members of our community who identify with the King/Kennedy generation of politics. I look forward to meeting you and being grateful and proud of the lives we live.


(Canadian Immigrant)

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