Online Speeddating - Singles 30-45 - No swiping speed rounds or fake profiles

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No fake or inactive profiles, no swiping, no speed rounds.

$10 prepay here

You can log in at any time! You'll have 24 hours to view profiles and message potential matches!

*Just purchase your ticket Here, then go to to create a profile
*Upload up to 3 photos and write a bio.
*Answer basic detail questions like height, educational level, whether or not you have children/pets, whether you drink/smoke, etc. You can also check off hobbies/interests from a provided list.
*Check your email confirmation that you receive from Eventbrite. Inside will be a code to use to gain entrance into the event you selected.
Profile MUST be created no later than 730pm the night of the event.
*Any time after the advertised start time (7:30 pm Eastern) log on and enter your code, review profiles, and start messaging. You'll have 24 Hours to review profiles and message. After that, you'll no longer have access to the profiles.
*There are no speed rounds. You'll see up to 20 profiles and can message whomever you like, just like a traditional dating sites.
*Also included in your order confirmation will be a promo code to use towards another on or offline speeddating event.

Ask any dating app user what bugs them most and they'll tell you one thing:

"I match with people, send them a message, but never hear back!"

The reason? They're swiping on inactive or possibly even fake profiles. Apps don't let you see the activity of your potential matches, so you could be swiping on folks who installed the app months or even years earlier, uninstalled it, and never completed the steps to remove their profile.

Metyah Online Speeddating allows you to register for an event based on preferred age range, create a profile with a bio and photos, and then lets you view all profiles and message whomever you like. No fake or inactive profiles! No leaving your apartment! And if you don't see anyone that piques your interest, you can apply the $10 fee you paid to either another event or an offline IRL Speeddating event.

"But why pay for something I get for free?"

That's easy. The reason it's so hard to make connections using the apps is because they're free. No investment means, well, no investment. People can install and uninstall on a whim. At this event, you'll be viewing profiles of people who are active and real


Upload clear and unobstructed photos. no hates, sunglasses, or pics taken at a distance.
Complete the bio. All profiles will be reviewed before they go live. No bio = No access to the event.