What we're about

Vegans looking to meet other vegans for things like:

- barbecues / recipe exchange / potlucks
- local volunteering for animals and the environment
- game nights, karaoke, seasonal and monthly celebrations
- hiking & camping
- neighborhood and local cleanups
- open discussions for additional ideas
- pooling DIY knowledge and organizing group 'classes'
- whatever fun people like to do for fun or good

And of course, sampling and reviewing local vegan hotspots, old and new!

Upcoming events (4+)

Tarot Reading Party

Pitman Grove

It's that time of year again, when everyone loves mystery and spooks! Start off the party week leading up to Halloween night with a tarot reading! If you have a deck, bring it and be a reader. If not, come be read; after all, reading is fundamental (anyone?). I'm not an expert, but I have a book, a brain and some candles and incense; I also want to show off my f-ing incredible Halloween decorations lol! If you're like me and love reveling in the scariest season of the year, come join us for glittery cocktails, delicious vegan hors d'oeuvres and a daring peek into your fuuuutuuuurrre!

We may also have a beginner tea leaf reader, so that would be awesome! And if you know (or have a book about) any other occult arts we can certainly fit them in too! This is all in fun, guys, so don't be too scared to give it a try!

Costumes aren't required but I mean, come on! Who doesn't love dressing up and another excuse to wear your Halloween costume?

Message Krissy or Girard for the exact address and parking info please!

Hump Day Pizza & Cocktails

UNO Pizzeria & Grill

Uno serves vegan cheese n veggie pizza and beyond burgers plus a few yum appetizers. Also it's happy hour before 6pm, so we get some discounts as well. Hope to see some new faces!!

Game Night in the Park followed by Kitten Meet-N-Greet

Broadway Theatre of Pitman

We will be playing board games in what we call the Pitman Platz - an outdoor multi-table set-up featuring gorgeous lighting, old Italian-style music and a downtown atmosphere - next to the Pitman Broadway Theatre. Please park on Broadway or message if you need some help.

Feel free to bring any games you have and we will be serving light cocktails. Plenty of delicious vegan food within a few minutes walk. Afterwards we will host an optional bonfire at our house in the Grove (also within walking distance) and you will get to meet each of our wonderful ten cats - including three kittens - Butter, Lime and Ziti - and of course their extremely lovely and attendant mama cat, Lemon. They'll all be together for life :) Also serving cocktails and snacks. Hope to see you there!

Yoga in the Park and Picnic Lunch

Shertel Park NJ

Let's meet at the Sunset Auditorium, we will wait until 12:15 to start walking across the street to the park lawn. There is parking in the park lot as well as on the street around Pitman.
I am not a certified yoga instructor ** note note!! We will be doing simple sun salutations and beginner poses just to get our blood flowing and our muscles stretching - different targeted sequences each time. If anyone would like to lead a session, please contact me and it can certainly be arranged - we welcome more experience! Sessions will typically be followed by a simple picnic lunch from downtown Pitman - boasting vegan pizza, vegan Mexican, and a full vegan cafe, as well as vegan ice cream and cookies for dessert! If you just want to eat, please meet us in the park around 1pm.

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