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Partnered - Mixed Doubles 2.5 - 3.5

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This is the new flavor of the week. Sunday has always been a mixed double event but now you pick your partner. If you have arranged to play with someone leave their name as a comment when you RSVP. This is not a league so you don't have to keep the same partner from event to event. Each event stands on its own.We will match the two strongest couples on the top court and pair the teams competitively down the courts from there. I think this will be a great way to have a little different experience and still have some fun tennis.

There is no effort to exclude anyone here. It's just a different way to play once a week. Please try to establish who you want to play with beforehand and make sure both partners arrive on time to play. However, members who don't come with a partner will be paired as competitively as possible at the onset of the meetup. In the event that we don't have an even male/female ratio same gender partners will play on the bottom courts.

If you haven't paid the May Membership Fee ( you can still participate by bringing a new can of balls and join the fun.

Etiquette and Protocols (

All of our events have some common Etiquette and Protocols ( that you should get familiar with.

New Effort to have full and balanced courts (

We are going to make a good effort at filling out 3 courts. We want to have 12 players, not 11 and not 13. We are usually top heavy on men so... when we reach our quota of men we may bump you to the waiting list to keep room open for women to RSVP.

I have the RSVP limit set to 12. I hope that if you want to play and the limit is reached that you will join the waiting list. Frequently members need to change their RSVP to "not attending" which generates an email to those on the waiting list. This is the best way to consistently fill 3 courts. If the waiting list fills out sufficiently we will open up another court and notify the waiting list.