What we're about

This is a group for anybody who has an interest in the environment but the main focus of this group will be about keeping waterways clean. We will be picking up light trash, cans, bottles, plastics, etc along riverbanks or beaches of Southern Connecticut. We can't as humans seem to ditch plastic permanently, but were absolutely fantastic at ditching it on the side of the road. Any trash that is discarded outside of a receptacle eventually ends up finding its way to the ocean. And that's where this group comes into play, by doing something instead of nothing about the issue. Plastic bottles, other plastic trash, and other debris can get into the water stream through storm sewers which eventually get emptied into streams, rivers and ultimately finds its way to the ocean. Ever heard of the great pacific garbage patch? Each ocean on the planet has a massive spinning gyre expanding several hundreds of miles where plastics get caught in ocean currents and permanently remain there for years. The pieces become smaller and smaller through photodegradation(sunlight) and breakdown into smaller and smaller pieces ultimately to become eaten by top feeder fish which ultimately again get consumed by us via the food chain. Even if you don't eat fish, it is detrimental to the delicate balance of ocean life and without maintaining healthy oceans, we being to run into serious environmental issues. The oceans already have enough issues with over-fishing, warmer temperatures/altering the water chemistry which kills fish, oil spills, sewage runoff, chemical pollution, biodiversity loss, and probably a few others I'm leaving out. I feel that this is an issue that nobody really has developed much of a plan to tackle yet and will probably remain that way until it becomes a larger threat to human health. As with most environmental issues, and if anybody is even aware of first of all, it likely ends up just being one of those small "did you know" discussions at the dinner table, and thats pretty much it for the majority of us. Well, here I actually intend to do something about it. If you feel like taking part in a clean up, then this would be the group you'd want to join. The group is welcome to any ideas or suggestions. If you have read this far and are interested that's great. If you get the thought that you have better things to do with your time than to pick up trash once in a while runs through your mind right about now, then you're useless to my group. Thanks and I hope to receive your help in this matter.

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