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This is a monthly meetup for adult amateur instrumentalists, e.g., piano, guitar, violin, or any unamplified instrument. We're not jamming, rather we're providing an opportunity to play solos or duets for an appreciative audience (i.e., each other). The emphasis is classical music, but we're open to modern instrumental music. The idea would be that we'd play solo pieces for each other. Some would play guitar. Some might play piano. But we would not be playing simultaneously. The idea is to provide encouragement to one another to progress in our individual skill levels. It simulates an "open mic" night but without amplification (i.e., no microphones) or distracting conversations.

We are hoping to have events with five to ten persons each sharing their talents by performing a piece or two of their choosing (five to ten minutes). Personally speaking, my focus is in classical guitar music, e.g., guitar music from Spain and Latin America. The goal is to improve performance skills and have fun listing to each other and to enjoy music as a group of friends. All events are free of cost.

Past events (50)

March Meeting is Friday Evening, 22-March at 7:30 PM

Home of Angela Knauss

February Meeting is Friday Evening, 22-Feb at 7:30 PM

Home of Angela Knauss

January Meeting is Friday Evening, 18-Jan at 7:30 PM

Home of Angela Knauss

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