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Portal to a Pathfinder group in the Clearlake Area. Located in Clearlake(really close to Ellington field). Please do not join unless you are interested in joining a gaming group.

Our group is a long term gaming group composed of people from all walks of life. We tolerate no BS or drama. Gaming is really an excuse for friends to get together and enjoy some laughs and good times. We game at a location that has a room built just for gaming. The location has pets and is no smoking.

Noobs (no exp) and experienced gamers are welcome. If it is your first time to try it, its an excellent group to learn and try it.

On occasion we do get together for things like movies or SciFi cons or Renaissance or maybe just dinner...



So our little gaming group is full at the moment--I can only fit so many people around the table--lol. IF for some reason(life happens) somebody does drop out I will refer back here to fill the spot. We are fixing to start a very long running campaign so the possibility exists. With that being said I would still encourage people to join and use the discussion/forum of the page to meet, get to know each other and decide if you guys want to form a group to game..

So, quite a few people send me messages but not join the site--please do join--meetup will not allow return messages most times--it flags them as junk/spam.

Adventure on!!

Update: We currently have an opening-but due to "RONA" circumstances we are playing remotely. If Interested send me a message....Thanks

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