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Webinar: REAL Connection. REAL You. REAL Impact.
Research shows that human beings are happier, healthier and live longer when we have strong relationships. Without strong relationships we suffer, personally and professionally. The ways we try to address our dilemmas end up contributing to the problems we face despite our best intentions. We are strategic in our efforts to belong, because we get scared that if we reveal our real selves we will be rejected and hurt. We hide, pretend and defend instead of being REAL, and that is what gets us into trouble. Our programs move beyond self-help; accelerating personal evolution through the power of real human connection. We believe everyone deeply desires and deserves to step towards their potential, ENGAGE in life and THRIVE. We believe that the very best thing you have to offer others is THE REAL YOU. Join Duane and Catherine as they introduce the theory behind their life changing workshop, The Awakening. Dates available in the UK, Ontario, Alberta, Portland and Vancouver. Catherine and Duane O’Kane, the co-founders of Clearmind International, are Registered Clinical Counsellors with over 60 (combined) years of training and experience in the helping profession. The programs and workshops they have developed are founded on this wealth of expertise, but more significantly have emerged out of the personal struggles they have worked through, and continue to share with passion, vulnerability and humour. For more information or to register in advance contact: [masked] Come experience the Clearmind Community of conscious, like-minded people for yourself. We hope to see you there!

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The Clearmind International community is made up of consciously connected people from all walks of life who have chosen to aspire to lives of honesty and integrity. As such, it is also a social and supportive network of different but like-minded individuals working towards positive change in their lives and others.

Now in its third decade, Clearmind International has been attracting individuals who are interested in deepening connections and evolving relationships - with themselves, important relationships at home and work, and their respective communities.

Clearmind’s evolutionary programs reflect its core cultural belief: your life is the curriculum. Its programs are grounded in a unique blend of emotional responsibility and loving out loud in a psycho-spiritual or transpersonal framework. This responsible love extends to the larger community and planet, where Clearmind students contribute their unique purpose with authenticity.

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