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A very friendly group for people who are looking to connect to find friends, companionship, or to just get out and have some fun!

When this group was formed, the name of the group, "Clearwater Lesbian Meetup" was chosen by the very first Group Owner. This group has been mainly geared toward lesbians, as the name suggests. And we will continue to honor the original intent of the group.

From time to time, we will partner up / cross-promote events that are outside of strictly the lesbian community. Some of these cross-promoted events will include attendees from every part of the LGBTQ+ community.

That being said, if you are part of the LGBTQ+ family, you are certainly welcome to join. After all, we are all part of the same community and we should strive to support others in our community just as they support us, as well as have fun, meaningful adventures.

Group Rules:

1. Have Fun - This is a really fun group of people from all kinds of different backgrounds, cultures, etc., and we like to do so many different things!

2. Be Nice - This one is super easy! And I'm grateful that the members of this group are really awesome at being super nice to each other! Thank you!

3. If You Can't Go, Please Change Your RSVP to "Not Going" - If you sign up for an event and find that you're unable to go, please move your RSVP to "Not Going" so that others who can attend will have the opportunity to do so. We do NOT have a "3 no-shows and you're out" policy. Crap happens, even at the last minute. We understand. We just ask that you remember us while we're trying to keep an accurate headcount/attendance. Thank you for being courteous.

4. No Drama - We're all adults here. This should go without saying, but unfortunately it has to be said. Drama, chaos, crap-stirring, etc. will not be tolerated. As Organizers we work really hard to put events on, so please don't add your personal, disruptive drama to our events. We have enough to manage at each event, and the last thing we want to manage is drama on top of all of it. Thank you.

5. No Stalking/Bullying - Yep. I have to say this one also. Also, if you have an order of protection against you for domestic violence, stalking, harassment, etc., and you are mandated to stay away from the person who has that restraining order against you, don't sign up to attend events when you know the other party is also going. Don't contact them directly in private message. You know that is in direct violation of a court order. Please don't make me have to report you to the authorities.

Thank you for respecting the Group Rules and being part of the group!

We look forward to seeing you at an event soon!

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Pesky Pride

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Gay Day Beach Day

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Christmas on the Beach!

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Lesbian Ladies Night (Thurs., Dec 10)

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