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Calling all cyclists! New to cycling? Long time rider? Cycling curious? Join the club and let’s ride together. 
But wait!  What if the meetups aren’t at a convenient time?  Or not the right skill level?  Or the meetup is too far away? No problem.
As a member, you will have the ability to create your own meetups for others to join. Any kind of ride, at any time and in any area that works for you. Keep in mind that this is a cycling group, so the meetups should be cycling related. 
The more people create meetups, the more rides there will be for all of us to choose from.
And that's what this group is about. Creating a supportive community so that we can get together to have fun, doing thing we like, CYCLING!
If you want to host an activity, and don't feel comfortable setting up the meetup yourself, please contact me with the details and I will happily set it up for you.
Welcome to the group!

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Lake Michigan 6 day bike adventure, bike 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 days, your choice.

6 Days of cycling paradise!

Door County - Lake Michigan - Wisconsin 6 day Fun Bike Rides

Escape the heat, be cool in summer!

How about doing a 6 day bike and kayak adventure, now before you run away ...Only two hotels for the 6-day span! So only 2 mandatory biking days (when we switch hotels day 3 and 6). Of course if need we could drive some folks to other hotel. Want to kayak or swim one day? No problem! A shopping day? No problem! Avid cyclist wanting the maximum mileage— 250 or more miles during the 6 days? No problem!

DOOR COUNTY~ Come visit Wisconsin's and Chicago's vacation spot, a biker's and kayaker's paradise, where you may ride as much or as little as you please.

June 28th to July 3rd.
• 5 nights of hotels
• Breathtaking Lake Michigan
• Two kayak paddles
• Two group dinners (Fish Boil + ?)
• 3 Happy Hours at the hotel (wine, beer, soda, snacks, etc.)
• RideWithGPS maps and "Cue" sheets
• SAG vehicle driven by experienced tour owners (for ride support)
• Luggage transport between hotels

This is a kayak and bike adventure to Door County Wisconsin. It is considered the Cape Cod of the midwest.

See Door County Kayaking photos.

See Door County Biking Photos.

I have 6 people who want to bike for sure and kayak some too. Hope to have 12 total.

with 5 nights of hotels cost would be $1395 double occupancy. You could bike 6 days and I will include two kayak paddles such as. https://www.kayakdoorcounty.com/tours/cave/ experience the mysterious caves and marvel at the limestone bluffs on crystal clear Lake Michigan.

Here are 1 of 2 of the ones I would include

Learn more about the biking options at: https://funbiketrips.com/lake-michigan

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## COVID-19 safety measures
Event will be outdoors

Affordable Fun Bike Trips (wisconsinbiketours.com)

Also see Ohio Bike Trips

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Ride from Champions Splash Park to Groveland

Needs a location

Join us for our weekly social ride from Champions Splash Park to the end of the trail towards Groveland with an option to ride some hills afterwards. These rides are perfect for new riders or riders looking to get back on the saddle.

Please arrive early and be ready to leave on time.

Bring helmets, lights, snacks and lots of water!

See you on the trail :)

Ohio to Erie Trail- cool kids from meetup summer Fun Bike Trips - July 2022

UPDATE[masked] We have added a second week. Everyone who RSVPd here by midnight 2/8/22 for this week, will get a spot on 1 of the 2 tours. See which dates are better for you. Some folks prefer to park at the finish and take the shuttle over before their ride starts. Then they are at their car at the end. Week 2 is Friday July 15th to Thursday July 21st. If that week is better add your RSVP there and remove yourself from this one.


update at OTET Northbound (funbiketrips.com)

I did the Ohio to Erie trail last summer, which is really 22 trails that take you across the state. I did it just to get another 300 plus miles for the year in but I found the Ohio to Erie trail network to be amazing.

So let’s bike the Ohio to Erie Trail. If not on your bucket list yet, it will be! A virtually undiscovered gem.

We saw this trip priced at over $3,000 by more than one tour provider and said hey let's see if we can do more affordably for "10 to 20 meetup cool kids"! We can do it for $1,395 double occupancy.

This scenic 326-mile trail links the Ohio River to Lake Erie, primarily on rail trails and canal paths. It traverses four major cities, numerous quaint small towns and miles of pastoral countryside. Do it before more and more people learn of it and add it to their bucket list! This trail can be done on a road bike as it is paved until the 20th of the 20 trails. The last section is finely packed limestone. For that section 28mm tires are ok, but it’s better to have 30mm+.

Join the 326-mile club by riding the whole trail with us and www.FunBikeTrips.com. Why endure the wear and tear on yourself and your bike with gravel or dirt trails when you can enjoy this scenic well-groomed, well-planned trek?

Inclusions for just $1,395:

· 6 nights of hotels, which includes 5 breakfasts (3 buffet, 2 on the go), and 5 hotels with pools (you’ll thank us later).

· RideWithGPS maps and "Cue" sheets

· SAG vehicle driven by tour owner who has done this and many other tours. We will carry your luggage from hotel to hotel!

· 3 Nights of Complimentary Social Hours (wine, beer, soda, snacks etc)

· Affordably Priced. In fact, at $1,395 we are less than half the price ($3,090 charged by some other operators.

· Great weather! Cleveland, Ohio Average temperature July 83 / 64°F
· Small town Midwestern hospitality, we anticipate local meetup friends will ride with us on several days.
· Your Luggage Carried for You, need a break? Ride in our van!
· 86% Traffic-free cycling on 22+ bike paths,

OTET Videos and Slideshow https://funbiketrips.com/ohio-video

OTET Itinerary and miles https://funbiketrips.com/ohio-itinerary

Have a fun ride at your own pace and leave the hotel whenever you wish. Hopefully this is a vacation! There is no mass start. Most riders leave between 7-9am. Relax and take your time, since SAG vehicles stay out until the last rider finishes. Rider's average speed on our tours range from 9-20mph, so there's always someone to ride with if you wish. We encourage riders to take their time, stop at see the sights, and take in a bakery or three. We have several local Ohio meetup friends who will ride sections with us.

Ohio to Erie Bike Trip FAQ https://funbiketrips.com/contact-us

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Prefer something earlier? We are going to Bike at Lake Michigan.

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Ride from Champions Splash Park to Groveland

Needs a location

Join us for our weekly social ride from Champions Splash Park to the end of the trail towards Groveland with an option to ride some hills afterwards. These rides are perfect for new riders or riders looking to get back on the saddle.

Please arrive early and be ready to leave on time.

Bring helmets, lights, snacks and lots of water!

See you on the trail :)

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Loops at Lake Louisa State Park

Needs a location

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