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Discussion of Emotional and Behavioral Patterns and Hypnosis Demonstrations.
We will discuss how people develop their life routines and how the patterns of thought and action on which they are based can lead to personal habits, both good and bad and what unhealthy habits are difficult to change even though you know they may be self defeating and destructive. We will then discuss how such patterns leading to smoking, overeating, poor study and work habits, destructive relationship patterns and depression can be addressed through hypnotherapy. We will offer situational assessments, suggestibility testing, and introductory sessions for group participants. More details will posted as they are available. Thomas Kulbickas PhD will host the event to answer questions and perform demonstrations. We will meet in the meeting room in the back of the building.

Lakewood Public Library Main Branch

15425 Detroit Avenue · Lakewood, OH

What we're about

This group is for anyone who is interested in learning more about the phenomenon of hypnosis, its characteristics, who responds well, or not well to hypnotic induction procedures, and its applications in therapy and stage performance. While this group is designed from the perspective of interested ordinary people including therapy clients, stage shown participants, and the curious, hypnotherapists, stage hypnotists and training therapists are encouraged to become members and to use this format to conduct presentations, theatrical shows, and to practice their craft. To this end clinical therapists and stage show performers will be invited to speak, make presentations, and conduct demonstrations.

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